Day 11

Day 11 of lockdown: signs of plants?

Taking a break from the pergola…

Last bits of spare wood go into making a cold frame….

And…lo and behold…..some plants have emerged in the cold frame…

Well doesn’t this all look very professional?

Have you worked out how much veg can be grown yet?

Send us some photos of your plots to

Day 10

Day 10 of isolation: the plot is morphing into a pergola!

Mmm…this started as a veg plot!

Things are looking a bit addictive here……lots of structures going up but where are the veg?

What weight of veg do you reckon can be produced here in a year?

Day 8

Day 8: Clearing the space for a plot continues….

Is this spot in North Yorkshire ever going to look like a veg plot?

Mmm…some leftover bits of timber might help

Well a day’s work and this is looking promising

You still have time……it doesn’t take that long to create a space for veg…..send your photos to

Day 7 of isolation

Day 7: The Welsh gardener shared these photos….

wow..that was quick

This is how he gets plants off to a flying start

cloches for speed

Now let’s see your photos….send to

Day 6

Day 6: a triumph near Leeds!

That looks absolutely amazing!……

Feeling isolated……see if you can get your front garden to look as good as this!!

Day 4: Dedication

Update from Leeds….digging in the snow!

New entrant from Howden…….this is where the plot is going…..will keep you posted on progress

Thanks folks…please keep the pictures coming in

Plant a fruit tree

Day 3: Plant a tree…………mmm that rhymes quite well, wonder if I can keep that up

dig the right hole

This sequence of short videos will take you through the process of tree planting

prep the hole

Try to choose a sunny spot to help the fruit ripen

how deep to plant

Feed will help the tree establish it’s root system

molehill soil

Moles do have their uses..bless em

top drainage

Drainage helps the tree

a good looking at

Always heel the tree in well to keep it stable as it gets established

what’s this for

A stake will always help keep the tree safe from winds

grand finale

Now….Please watch the video on the site which crunches the numbers for what we could together achieve if we all planted fruit trees