Day 11

Day 11 of lockdown: signs of plants?

Taking a break from the pergola…

Last bits of spare wood go into making a cold frame….

And…lo and behold…..some plants have emerged in the cold frame…

Well doesn’t this all look very professional?

Have you worked out how much veg can be grown yet?

Send us some photos of your plots to

Day 10

Day 10 of isolation: the plot is morphing into a pergola!

Mmm…this started as a veg plot!

Things are looking a bit addictive here……lots of structures going up but where are the veg?

What weight of veg do you reckon can be produced here in a year?

Day 9

Day 9 of isolation: raised beds galore appearing here…and raspberry canes donated by a friend too…

Wow…this is looking a bit serious

This is a first time veg plot!……but don’t despair….a much simpler affair will be just as important

Send us your photos for the website to

Day 8

Day 8: Clearing the space for a plot continues….

Is this spot in North Yorkshire ever going to look like a veg plot?

Mmm…some leftover bits of timber might help

Well a day’s work and this is looking promising

You still have time……it doesn’t take that long to create a space for veg…..send your photos to

Day 1: Start your scrapbook. Measure and draw your garden. Choose a space to grow veg. Ask why veg?

Mmm… shall we start?

Let’s look out of the window

What can we see? If we find a book or some paper we can write a list of everything we can see……grass? birds? sky? The list is the start of your new Scrapbook where we can write and draw every day. You can keep your scrapbook as a memory of these funny times when you stay off school. Remember to put the date on each page.

Now try drawing the things on your list……maybe use colours paints, stick pictures out of books…how would you like to make pictures?

Now let’s go outside…..we are going to draw a plan of our garden…yes the whole garden. We need take with us a ruler if you have one or a tape measure…anything with cm on it, paper and a pencil…oh and something to rest on…

let’s get started

Find something to measure with……could be a piece of string or a long stick…….how can you make this into a metre long measurer?

measuring stick

Draw a rough outline…this is called a plan…. of your garden or patio or window boxes, showing the house too and then start measuring with your new 1m measurer……..try to measure each side of the outside space, and the house and mark these onto your plan

let’s measure

time for a plan?

add bits

Well done…bet it took a while to measure the garden! …later you could go back inside for a while…and draw a neat version of your garden and house plan for your scrapbook

Did you notice where the sun shone in your garden?……make a note of that if you can on your plan

why grandpa are we doing this?

any ideas?

my list?

will it be better than playing football?

Ok…time for a break…lots to write in your scrapbook…..see you for digging tomorrow!