Your planet needs you!…….. This is a new free resource….a voice for schools and community groups…stop sitting on the sideline and tell the world what you think!…use your voice in the Forum. The more you speak the more others will listen

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Forum” means a place where ideas can be shared……so send us your ideas on how to look after our planet and we will put them on the Forum page for everyone to share…….or tell us what you are already doing to help look after our planet and we will share your achievements to encourage others

For starters you could enter our new competition…..The Great Yorkshire Veg Off….. and Yes you can enter from anywhere… not just Yorkshire

With our special thanks to Selby District Council for their unstinting encouragement and support of the competition

You don’t need a big garden…….you don’t need to know how to grow veg……you just need to want to help the planet…….click here for competition details

There are two main parts to this website

  • Share stories on our Forum about how YOU are helping the planet…….The more stories you send us, the more we can all see how to help
  • Join our competition to encourage home food production

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